Hot & Sinful Nights Giveaways

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Hot & Sinful Nights is coming and we have a bunch of giveaways you can enter! Don’t forget to pre-order the boxed set for only $0.99 before it’s too late.

Read the first 3 chapters of Sugar, We’re Going Down

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Read the first 3 chapters of Sugar, We’re Going Down. Due to strong language and adult situations, the following sample is not recommended for readers under 18. Prologue London – October 2015 Oliver It’s too early to be dealing with this shit. My head is about to split in two, I didn’t have time to eat or even grab a …

Teaser Tuesday – Crossing Time

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The release of  Crossing Time is drawing near and what better way to do a countdown than with some teaser posts? Crossing Time was an unique project, something that pretty much came out of the blue. It was different than anything I’ve ever worked on before, not only because I had to create my story in a pre-determined world, but …