Hot & Sinful Nights Teaser

MHSOARS1 Hot and Sinful Nights

Are you ready for some heat? The preview below is from one of the hottest books I’ve written to date. Full disclosure, it’s not a preview of the book included in the Hot & Sinful Nights, but from a novel in the same series.


I sense Oliver’s presence at my back and I uncoil from my crouched position, turning so I can see him. His face in hidden in shadows but I can feel the heat of his intense stare just the same. A chill runs down my spine and I’m taken over by an ice cold fever. My body is burning for the man in front of me. I want him like I never wanted anyone in my life. The emotion is so intense, it leaves me out of balance as if I’m tilting dangerously close toward a bottomless abyss.
This is it.
My hands move to the buttons of my shirt and slowly, I begin to unfasten them. I’m glad that Oliver is letting me take charge. I need to be in control right now. I strip the layers of clothing away one by one without taking my eyes off of him. I notice the change in his breathing, the tension in his body. He is staying rooted to the spot by sheer power of will. When the last piece is finally gone and I’m standing completely naked in front of him, he takes a step forward, then another one.
“Fuck,” he says in a restrained voice.
Not waiting for him to get any closer, I whirl around and dive into the pool, my heated body welcoming the coldness of the water. Before I resurface, I hear the sound of Oliver jumping in. I come up for air and a second later, Oliver wraps his arm around my waist and spins me around. There’s a deafening rush in my ears and the trembling of my lips has nothing to do with the cold. It’s all him.
Water drips from his eyelashes and his lips have already turned purple from the cold water. But his gaze is as hot as molten lava. He presses his erection against my belly and my nipples turn as hard as pebbles when they brush against his chest.
“Do you know how many times I’ve dreamed of seeing you like this?” His raspy voice feels like a velvet caress against my skin.
He keeps one arm wound tight around my waist while his free hand slides down my belly toward my center. I gasp when his fingers swipe against my clit, one, two, three times. I clasp my hands behind his neck and wrap my legs around his hips, opening myself to him.
He hisses when I curl my fingers around his cock.
“I can imagine,” I say before I kiss him.
His tongue tangles with mine in the same intoxicating rhythm of his fingers rubbing my core. I feel us moving, but I refuse to open my eyes until my back hits the edge of the pool. I increase the friction on his shaft when he inserts two fingers inside of me while his thumb keeps the pressure on my clit. God, this feels fucking amazing.
He groans against my mouth and pulls back, forcing me to open my eyes.
“What?” I ask.
“I want to taste you.” He brings the fingers that were inside of me to his mouth, licking them slowly. “Fucking delicious, but I want more.”
He grabs me by the hips and lifts me up until my body is half out of the pool and I’m sitting on one of the pool steps. I shiver from the cold but I can’t complain, not when Oliver places a kiss to the inside of my thigh, dangerously close to where I so desperately need him to be.
He sprawls his hand over my pubic bone and with his thumb, he flicks my clit. “I’m going to eat your pussy until you can’t see straight.”
I close my eyes and lean on my elbows when his tongue circles my most sensitive place, licking and sucking me into oblivion. He fucks me with his fingers, with his tongue, with his lips, and true to his words, I can’t see straight by the time the mother of all orgasms hits me like a freight train. I scream all profanities known to man as I come harder than I ever had before.
He brings me back into the pool and flush against his body while his hands rub up and down my arms. Not that it is helping anything. The pool is still as cold as ice.
“I’m sorry, sugar.”
“Sorry for what?”
“For making you a human popsicle, a fucking delicious human popsicle might I add.”
I lick the base of this throat and up to his chin. “Let’s get out of this pool so you can warm me up properly.”
He cups the back of my head before he crushes his lips to mine. I can taste myself on his tongue and I don’t mind one bit. But I am freaking cold, so I begin to swim backwards, toward the stairs. Oliver lets go of my lips only long enough for us to get out of the pool, but as soon as we’re on the deck, I’m in his arms again. He lowers me to a chaise longue and goes in search of something on the floor.
“Where are you going?”
“Aha!” he says.
He picks his jeans up from the floor and from inside one of the pockets, he fishes a foil packet out. Of course he’s prepared. He wouldn’t be Oliver otherwise. Not that I don’t have a couple of condoms in my purse too.
“I’m cold.” I pout.
Oliver gives me a crooked smile. “Not for long.”
I watch him move closer and my core throbs in anticipation. God, the man is beautiful. His chest is wide, defined, and smooth. His washboard abs end in that sexy as hell V. And his face… don’t get me started on his face. It’s a carved masterpiece, perfect edges and angles, topped with a delicious, devious mouth. It’s easy to see why millions of women worship the ground he steps on.
He stops next to the chair and I grab his cock, licking it from its base to the tip. Oliver hisses when I wrap my lips around him, bringing his erection fully into my mouth, but he only lets me suck him for a few seconds before he pulls back.
“I can’t let you finish me off like this, sugar. I need to fuck you properly or I’m going to lose my mind.”
He tears the condom foil with his teeth and puts it on. I lean back on the chair and bring my knees up, spreading myself to him. I bring my middle finger to my mouth and lick it before sliding it down my belly to play with myself.
“I’m still so very cold.”
He’s on top of me before I can blink, settling between my legs like he has always belonged there. I feel the tip of his erection at my entrance and Oliver whispers in my ear.
“Gentle or hard?”
“What kind of question is that? Hard, fuck me hard.”
With one powerful stroke, he rams into my body, filling me, claiming me, and ultimately, destroying me.


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