Devils Don’t Fly is LIVE!

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The moment many of you have been waiting for is finally here. Devils Don’t Fly, the conclusion to Saylor and Oliver’s whirlwind romance story, is live on Amazon and FREE on Kindle Unlimited. It became a #1 New Release almost immediately. If you haven’t had the chance to download it yet, here’s an excerpt to get you motivated. 🙂 SAYLOR …

Hot & Sinful Nights Giveaways

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Hot & Sinful Nights is coming and we have a bunch of giveaways you can enter! Don’t forget to pre-order the boxed set for only $0.99 before it’s too late.

Hot & Sinful Nights Teaser

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Are you ready for some heat? The preview below is from one of the hottest books I’ve written to date. Full disclosure, it’s not a preview of the book included in the Hot & Sinful Nights, but from a novel in the same series. ** DO NOT CONTINUE IF YOU ARE NOT 18 OR OLDER ** ** END OF PREVIEW …

Hot & Sinful Nights Samples on Instafreebie

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The curtains are drawn, and the sheets are rumpled… Prepare to melt for 22 tales of lustful abandon that will fulfill your deepest, darkest, most secret desires on many HOT & SINFUL NIGHTS. Inside, you’ll find over one million words of sexy and steamy romance from today’s NEW YORK TIMES, USA TODAY, and International bestselling authors! FEATURING: Alice Ward  |  USA Today bestselling author …

Read the first 3 chapters of Sugar, We’re Going Down

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Read the first 3 chapters of Sugar, We’re Going Down. Due to strong language and adult situations, the following sample is not recommended for readers under 18. Prologue London – October 2015 Oliver It’s too early to be dealing with this shit. My head is about to split in two, I didn’t have time to eat or even grab a …

Sugar, We’re Going Down Cover Reveal

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Squeak! Have you seen the cover of Sugar, We’re Going Down yet? Well, here it is. Okay, take a moment to soak it up. Need more? Keep reading for the blurb and a sneak peek. 🙂 Blurb: They say nothing compares to the first kiss. That sentence needs to be amended. Nothing compares to the first kiss from Oliver Best. …

Fun Fact Friday with Elle Kennedy

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Hi, everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve done one of my Fun Fact Friday interviews. So let’s star 2017 with a bang, shall we? Today, I’m happy to introduced to you a different side of bestselling author Elle Kennedy. I gave her a selection of 15 questions and she picked 5 to answer. 1. You were on a secret …

Wonderwall New Cover

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Hello, everyone! If you haven’t seen the new cover of Wonderwall yet, here it is for your pleasure. Also, if you haven’t had the chance to read Wonderwall yet, don’t miss the opportunity to snatch it up for only $0.99. The promo will last until January 9th. If you are still in doubt, here is Wonderwall’s Prologue: Olivia “Bottoms up, girls!” …

Author Molly E. Lee

Fun Fact Friday with Molly E. Lee

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I came to know Molly in an unexpected way. She posted a teaser picture of her debut novel Edge of Chaos on Facebook, and I commented how much I loved that picture. The next thing you know, she is offering me an ARC. I jumped at the opportunity blindly, without knowing anything about her writing style. I usually don’t do …