Crossing Time teaser

Crossing Time Chapter Two

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Saint’s Grove, Virginia, October 24th, 1875 Albert “Another round if you will, Thomas.” I raise my empty glass. “You have drunk quite enough, lad. It’s high time you go home.” “Home.” The word tastes bitter in my mouth. “That is the last place I want to be.” The establishment’s patron makes a scratching sound with the back of his throat …

Crossing Time Teaser

Crossing Time Chapter One

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Hi, everyone! Are you ready for another glance at Crossing Time, my upcoming paranormal romance novel? Here’s chapter one: Saint’s Grove, Virginia, October 24th, 2016 Madison My chest is hollow. Tears stream freely down my face, turning frigid almost immediately against the cool night air. I walk at a brisk pace, a sense of foreboding mixing with my misery in …

Author Molly E. Lee

Fun Fact Friday with Molly E. Lee

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I came to know Molly in an unexpected way. She posted a teaser picture of her debut novel Edge of Chaos on Facebook, and I commented how much I loved that picture. The next thing you know, she is offering me an ARC. I jumped at the opportunity blindly, without knowing anything about her writing style. I usually don’t do …

Teaser Tuesday – Crossing Time

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The release of  Crossing Time is drawing near and what better way to do a countdown than with some teaser posts? Crossing Time was an unique project, something that pretty much came out of the blue. It was different than anything I’ve ever worked on before, not only because I had to create my story in a pre-determined world, but …