Once a Prince

Royally Screwed Book One

Royals. What is so special about them? As the personal assistant to the Queen of Sanriene, I can vouch that besides living in a world of wealth most commoners can’t even begin to imagine, they’re just like the rest of us. They bleed red—shocker—they say stupid things all the time, and they curse when they believe no one is around.

I didn’t think they could surprise me anymore until the Queen dropped the ultimate bomb. The late crown prince had married in secret, and from that union, a child was born. The marriage lasted the blink of an eye, and the Queen’s son never found out about the baby. With his sudden death, the kingdom had no heir. So the lost prince—a redneck farmer from a small town in Alabama—became the country’s only hope. And I’m the fool with the mission to turn this man into a prince within a month. It wouldn’t be such an impossible task if I wasn’t torn between smacking him upside the head and kissing the hell out of him. Because the new crown prince is a sexy motherfucker which means I’m royally screwed.

Coming on May 21st
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